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11 Best Gloves For Hiking In 2023

Gloves are an essential part of hikes. Whether you will be using them to protect your hands from blisters or to keep warm, they are a must-have. The best gloves for hiking are the ones that keep you warm and comfy but don’t affect your grip.

Whether you are an avid winter hiker or just looking for extra protection from the elements, here is a guide to help you find the best gloves for hiking.

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Top pick

1. Gordini Men’s Gauntlet Glove

The Gordini Men’s Gore Gauntlet Glove is excellent for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. These gloves feature a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex lining that keeps your hands warm and dry. The gauntlet-style design provides extra coverage of your wrist area, keeping snow, wind, and cold air out of your pockets.

A soft lining and insulation maintain optimal comfort, while flex zones in the fingers improve dexterity and grip in wet weather. The elastic wrist cuff easily adjusts to keep out snow, while Velcro closures allow for a secure fit.


  • The soft, flexible knit interior makes it easy to put on, wear and remove.
  • It also has pull loops, making it easy to put on without taking off other layers of clothing.
  • It has a touchscreen-compatible fingertip, making touch screens easier in cold weather.


  • Due to their bulk size, accomplishing simple tasks may be challenging.

2. SIMARI Winter Gloves

These are among the best winter hiking gloves that can also be used for snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities. SIMARI Winter Gloves incorporate a warm and breathable fleece lining and wool and polyester on the exterior. Stretch panels provide maximum flexibility.

These winter hiking gloves are made of waterproof, breathable, and windproof material. With insulated softshell fabric and mesh insets, the gloves offer moderate insulation. They’re also breathable and water-resistant, making them ideal for forest trails.


  • Has fleece lining to keep you warm during the winter.
  • The touch screen design makes them great for using devices like iPhones and iPads.
  • High-quality materials ensure long-term use and durability. 


  • No elastic or adjustable wrist strap is included in SIMARI Winter Gloves.
  • They are bulky.

3. Mountain Made Genesis Gloves

Mountain Made Genesis Gloves are made for mountain adventures. These gloves are specially designed for adventuring in the mountains and protecting the hands from elements. The Mountain Made Genesis Gloves feature durable synthetic leather, a reinforced palm, and hook-and-loop cuff closure.

They’re perfect for hiking in cold weather and are a good choice for anything from mild to moderate climates. They are designed using the latest technology but still maintain the old-fashioned style of classic gloves that you can put on all day long with comfort and warmth.


  • They are waterproof, windproof, and breathable
  • The exterior has an anti-slip grip. This will help you avoid falls on the trails. 
  • The 100% Polyester fabric also makes these gloves durable for everyday use.


  • They are smaller than the average gloves, making it difficult to move fingers around comfortably.

4. Columbia Men’s Fast Trek Fleece Glove

With a cuffless design, the Columbia Men’s Fast Trek Fleece Glove is your go-to hiking glove. The stretchy fleece fabric makes these gloves comfortable and easy to move around while keeping your hands warm. A leash hole helps you keep your dog close during walks or hiking trips.

Soft, stretch nylon adds comfort to the fleece liner that keeps your hands warm when outside for a long time. This midweight fleece glove has a pre-curved shape to provide warmth and comfort. Thermogreen insulation wicks moisture from your skin to keep you comfortable, while mesh panels increase breathability. A terry cloth thumb wipe cleans up after your adventure.


  • It has an omni-heat insulation technology, which provides warmth in subzero temperatures. 
  • This glove features adjustable wrist cuffs to keep them in place during hikes.


  • They lack water-repellent material on the outer surface of the fleece.

5. Black Diamond Soloist Cold Weather Gloves

The Black Diamond Soloist Finger Cold Weather Gloves are ready for the harshest weather conditions and ideal for winter mountain hiking. Made with PrimaLoft Gold insulation, these gloves offer warmth and are lightweight. The synthetic leather palm provides a durable grip in all conditions, and the brushed fleece thumb and forefinger provide extra comfort when you need it most.

Black Diamond has added some extra features, including a secure wrist closure with a TPR pull tab and microfleece lining on palms to keep hands comfortable against the wet rock. The gloves also come with an 18cm gauntlet cuffs to prevent snow and wind from getting in your sleeves.


  • It has a thermal fleece lining that delivers reliable warmth and is built to last.
  • It has a stretch mesh back panel that provides additional ventilation and venting options.


  • The gloves are stiff and are not waterproof.

6. Cevapro Lightweight Gloves

Cevapro Lightweight Gloves are engineered for comfort, style, and protection. Their unique design boasts a unique ventilation system that allows heat and moisture to evaporate while limiting perspiration. The soft feel fabric offers durability, while the lightweight fabric imparts outstanding hand protection.

Cevapro Lightweight Gloves are a must-have to keep yourself warm and protected in the great outdoors during the cold winter months. These stretchy, breathable, hypoallergenic gloves are made of a flexible material that allows airflow and keeps your hands comfortable.

Cevapro’s lightweight gloves are designed to withstand high-pressure levels, making them ideal for hiking. Made from breathable cotton, these versatile gloves offer excellent barrier protection that is comfortable and stylish.


  •    They have an open palm design, which allows air to circulate your hands while wearing them.
  •    They are lightweight but provide ultimate protection.
  •   The material used in these gloves is also very resistant to dirt and moisture, which makes them ideal for use during outdoor activities.


  •   They are not waterproof.

7. Under Armour Men’s Armour Liner Gloves

The Under Armour Men’s Armour Liner hiking gloves perfectly combine style and performance. They have a waterproof exterior, breathable mesh fabric on the backs of their hands, and a full-grain leather palm that is durable and long-lasting. The glove also has an adjustable wrist strap to keep them in place while on the trail.

Under Armour Men’s Armour Liner hiking gloves have a soft fleece lining in the palm area to keep your hand warm during winter. The glove also has thumb holes to allow for better grip when climbing steep inclines or walking across slippery terrain. These hiking gloves are made with synthetic leather and mesh material, making them ideal for any weather condition, whether hot or cold!


  •    They are durable and can withstand harsh winter conditions.
  •    The gloves have an inner liner that provides extra protection from blisters and chafing.


  •    The finger length is not adjustable.
  •    Only ideal for hiking in dry weather.

8. Waterproof Thermal Hiking Gloves

The waterproof winter thermal hiking gloves are a very comfortable and versatile product. These hiking gloves are designed to keep your hands warm during cold weather conditions. The waterproof winter thermal hiking gloves have a thick outer layer that protects your hands from elements. The inner gloves layer is made of a soft material that provides warmth and comfort to your hands.

These gloves are designed to be more flexible than other gloves. They are also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about dirt after a few hours of hiking.


  •     They provide excellent grip on slippery surfaces, allowing you to stay upright on steep hillsides and traverse rough terrain.
  •    The waterproof outer material prevents moisture from seeping into your hands, keeping them dry in winter conditions.


  • They are bulky and cumbersome. The extra weight also reduces dexterity.
  •  The gloves are not very long, so they might not be suitable for people with long arms.9.

9. The North Face Etip Hiking Gloves

The North Face Etip Hiking Gloves are an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into hiking. They do not let in any water or air, so they will keep your hands warm and dry while hiking in cold weather.

The knuckle guards protect your hands from injuries caused by rocks, roots, and other debris on the trail. The only disadvantage to these gloves is that they do not allow for much flexibility.


  • The gloves are made from leather, which makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • Among the best waterproof gloves for hiking. Perfect for snowy or rainy weather.
  • The gloves feature a thumb ring that helps keep your thumbs from getting sore while hiking or climbing.


  • There is no way to adjust the wrist strap on these gloves, so they may not fit everyone perfectly.

Premium pick

10. Ski & Snow Hiking Gloves

The Ski & Snow hiking Gloves are lightweight, making them the perfect for going on long hikes. They are made from a durable material that allows for flexibility and movement while protecting them from the elements.

They have excellent stitching around the wrist area so that you don’t have to worry about wearing holes in your clothes when you wear them. The stitching is also very durable, and it doesn’t tear easily. The Ski & Snow hiking Gloves are available in different sizes and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your style or personality. There are men’s and women’s styles.


  • The gloves are lightweight.
  •  They come in various colors – you can choose the color that best matches your outfit!


  •   They do not offer much protection against cold or wind. The insulation on these is not sufficient for extreme weather conditions.

Budget pick

11. GORELOX Winter Warm Gloves

The GORELOX Winter Warm Gloves are made of 100% polyester. They have a synthetic leather palm and thumb, while the rest of the fingers are made from a soft fabric. These gloves have an elastic cuff that wraps around your wrist and gives you more protection than other gloves.

These gloves are lightweight and breathable, so they are perfect for those who do not like to wear heavy winter clothing. The gloves come in various colors and styles, so there is something for everyone.

They have an elasticized wrist cuff with thumbholes for maximum comfort and reinforced stitching throughout the glove for durability and long life. The GORELOX Winter Warm Gloves protect from the cold winds and snow.


  •    They are affordable.
  •    The gloves are made from high-quality materials, including leather and fur, which make them wind and water-resistant.


  •    They do not insulate well.

What to look for when buying hiking gloves

Hiking gloves are essential for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, but finding the right pair can be challenging. Here are the main features to look out for when choosing the best gloves for hiking.


Waterproofing is essential when it comes to hiking gloves. The gloves should have waterproof fabric on the palms and wrists and seams sealed with seam tape.

Good grip

The best gloves for winter hiking require a good grip. This is especially important if you have sweaty hands because nothing is more annoying than having your glove slip right off when you need it most. Look for the ones coated with silicone or waterproof substance to help keep your hands dry while providing adequate grip.

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You want a tight fit that won’t let the wind through or make your fingers feel cramped.

Order a size up if you don’t have the time or opportunity to try on gloves before buying them online. It’s better to have too big than too small!


Some people have allergies or sensitivities that might cause problems when wearing gloves made of certain materials. Animal-based products like wool can give you more warmth than synthetic materials. Still, they may cause itching or other skin irritations for those sensitive to animal-based products.

How to care for hiking gloves

It’s important to understand how to care for your hiking gloves so that they last as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to take care of your hiking gloves.


Cleaning hiking gloves is simple: wash them with soap and water. Use specialized wipes for hiking gloves after washing them with soap and water. If you are looking for something more advanced cleaning process, there are also antibacterial wipes for those who prefer a more thorough cleaning process.

Store hiking gloves

Hiking gloves will last longer if you store them properly. Ensure they aren’t sweating when you keep them, and they get dry between uses so that bacteria doesn’t build up inside the glove itself.

Avoid storing the hiking gloves in direct sunlight or temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27°C) or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10°C) because this can cause the glove’s material to deteriorate faster than expected.


Hiking gloves are an essential item of outdoor gear. Choosing the best hiking gloves, comes down to finding a comfortable and functional pair for your individual needs. We hope this guide has helped you find the best winter hiking gloves.

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