A Collection of 21 Most Hilarious Hiking Memes

Ah, memes. The internet’s favorite way to capture the spirit of a moment in an image or short phrase. They’re often so on-point that they make us laugh out loud. Hikers are no exception when it comes to finding humor in their beloved activity, and we’ve compiled some of the funniest hiking memes we could find.

1. “When You Realize You Forgot Something Important”

The first, and perhaps most relatable to hikers, is this classic. This one speaks for itself as an experienced hiker knows all too well that feeling of realizing you left something vital back at the car – or worse yet, at home.

2. “That Moment You Reach the Summit”

What’s the feeling like when you reach the summit after an arduous hike up a mountain? This is one of the hiking memes that captures it perfectly.

3. “The Struggle is Real”

4. “Hiker Logic”

Hikers know that when the going gets tough, their stubbornness can get them through almost anything – and the above hiking meme shows it!

5. “When you realize it’s three hours since you last stopped for water”

This meme captures the all-too-familiar feeling of realizing you’ve been hiking for too long without a break.

6. “When you Pass a Hiker Going the Other Way”

As much as hiking is an individual experience, it’s also a social one – and this meme captures that feeling.

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7. “When You See a Bear and Instinctively Start Running Away”

Ah, the age-old problem of encountering wildlife on the trail – and this meme nails it.

8. “The Joy of a Snack Break”

This one speaks for itself.

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9. “The Dreaded Hike Back Out”

This is for all the hikers who are dreading their hike back out after a long day in the wilderness.

10. “When You Finally Reach the Car”

Finally, after a long and tiring hike, you make it back to your car. This is one of the funny hiking memes that captures the feeling well. A perfect way to end a great hiking adventure!

11. “When You Wake Up Ready to Hike Again”

This meme is for all hikers who can’t get enough of the outdoors and are already itching to go again. It’s clear that for these hikers, the adventure never stops!

12. “When You Feel the Wind in Your Hair”

This hiking meme captures the feeling of freedom and joy that hiking can bring. It’s a reminder that the outdoors can bring out the best in us.

13. Getting work on a hike

Hikers never like getting work on the day they are going to do their favorite activity.

funny hiking meme-picture of surprised monkey

14. “When you realize you still have 5 miles to go”

This meme speaks to the sometimes-hard truth that a certain level of endurance and determination is necessary in order to complete a hike.

A reminder that even when the going gets tough, you can do it – and it will be worth it in the end.

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15. “When you realize you hiked further than you intended”

This meme is for all the hikers who tend to get a bit carried away on their adventures! It shows that that it’s important to plan ahead when hiking, but also that getting lost can be an exciting part of the journey.

16. “My face when someone asks me why I hike”

funny hiking meme face

This meme captures the feeling of being asked an obvious question. For anyone who loves spending time in nature, this meme speaks volumes!

17. “How I feel after a long day of hiking”

The last meme in this list celebrates the feeling of accomplishment after a successful and tiring walk. Sometimes the biggest rewards come after a challenge.

18. Lost

Getting lost can be frustrating, especially when hiking a trail for the first time.

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19. “My friend’s face when I tell them it’s time to turn back”

This meme speaks to the tough decisions a hiker must often make when on their adventure.

20. State after a hike

21. Hiking stick meme

Image of hiking meme

This shows that even as you strive to be a minimalist hiker, there are some things that you will still need to carry to make your hike more enjoyable.

These hilarious hiking memes are sure to bring a smile to any outdoor enthusiast’s face! They remind us of the importance of planning ahead, respecting nature, and most importantly – having fun along the way. So, grab your pack and get out there – and don’t forget to share a few of these memes along the way!

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