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105+ Funny Hiking Puns That You can Use For Social Media Posts

Hiking is one of the best things to do when you are free. But you know what’s even more interesting? Puns about hiking! If you are in a hiking or camping group, you can share the hiking puns as you have fun in the great outdoors. While hiking, you will probably take a couple of photos and post a couple on social media. In these, we provide hilarious hiking and outdoor puns that will make your companions drown in laughter and make your social media followers chuckle.

Funny hiking puns

  1. If you don’t be-leaf in yourself, no one will!
  2. Hiking Alps clear your mind
  3. This whole region is hill-areas!
  4. Focus on the rise
  5. While there is no Wi-Fi in the desert, I assure you will find a better connection
  6. Reach the peak of that mountain was a releaf
  7. It’s important not to burn your ridges
  8. I don’t take hiking for granite; that’s why I do it every week
  9. Your altitude is what’s keeping you from achieving your goal
  10. Water you doing at the tip of the cliff?
  11. Keep your slopes We may reach the peak in the next hour

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  1. Are you oak-ay?
  2. The grass is greener on this side
  3. We had to find the bliss in blisters
  4. At first, the hill looked hard, but I got over it
  5. My trail mix contains music by Ed Sheeran, Adele, J.Cole, and Celine Dion.
  6. We’ve finally reached the summit. Now it’s all downhill from up here
  7. The hikers came across two large rocks, one was timid, but the other one was boulder
  8. There’s snow place like a good sandy beach on a Saturday afternoon
  9. My sister is all a-boot that trekking life
  10. As expected, the hike had ups and downs
  11. When we reached the summit during the night hike, there were many fireflies, making the place look like a “treasure highland.”
  12. I’m peaking. Listen up!
  13. What did the river say to the hiker who fell into it? “water you doing?”
  14. Standing tall like these trees
  15. I’m not sedimental, so I threw away the colored pebbles I picked during the hike
  16. Did you buy a good trailblazer for our next hike?

person standing on a boulder

  1. I was so happy I almost wet my plants when we started hiking
  2. I’ll be hiking in my new birches today
  3. What’s the laziest mountain in the world? “Mount Everest”

Witty hiking puns for Instagram

  1. You shouldn’t leaf another hiker behind when hiking
  2. The weather is pine. Best time to hike in the mountains
  3. What do we call a deer that has no eyes? “No eye deer”
  4. Last bud not least, you all need to take a hike before the end of the month
  5. We need to grow now; it’s getting late
  6. Why don’t we ever get lost when hiking with William? “Because where there is Will, there’s a way.”
  7. DEET is hiking cologne
  8. She got mad at me, so she told me to take a hike. I did.
  9. Do you know the best form of flattery? “Plateaus”
  10. He’s a Catholic who loves trekking. He’s a roamin’ Catholic
  11. Thinking outside. I do not need a box!
  12. Such a beautiful view from here, take a peak
  13. The mental facility had an Uphill trail. Hikers Called it the psychopath.
  14. Follow me for qualitree hiking puns
  15. Every hiker loved the gorge-ous views
  16. Surviving the blisters with my sisters
  17. “Those boots were made for hikin’.”
  18. We’ll do branch first, then brunch later, okay?
  19. The boulders rocked
  20. The boulder-holder supported me as I climbed up
  21. This is my side rustle
  22. The map I had fell down. Now know where we’re standing
  23. We finally hit rock bottom
  24. Remember that joke about a hill? I can’t get over it!

Trees covered in snow

  1. These huge trees are unbeleafably leafy!
  2. Don’t take these rocks for granite
  3. “I’m about the hard rock life.”
  4. Is he oak-ay? Yes, he’s pine!
  5. I prefer these kinds of rivers because they are not mainstream
  6. Trail mix and hill is way better than Netflix and chill

Hilarious hiking puns

  1. Leaving the metals and going for the petals
  2. Water we having for dinner tonight?
  3. The trail was pretty narrow, so we had to toe the line
  4. You will have to hike a Rocky Mountain trail whether you lake it or not
  5. You don’t have to be a pine in the ass!
  6. I liked the hike
  7. He couldn’t have gone far – he’s in the range
  8. You will definitely love trekking with Daisy; she’s one hill of a funny hiker!
  9. The story is too long. Please summit up for everyone
  10. You need some top qualitree hiking boots to enjoy hiking on rugged terrain
  11. The beauty of the lake and everything surrounding it is unbeleafable!
  12. He fernly beleafs in your abilities
  13. Two is a company, trees a crowd!
  14. Our destination is always around the corner
  15. Ann went to the bathroom in the woods. She was going to use the facilitrees
  16. I think I’m waterfalling for you
  17. You can never run in a campground; you can only ran because it’s always past tents
  18. Relaxing in the outdoors with my buds
  19. Canyon hold my hand so I can jump over this rock?
  20. Dew you love taking easy or difficult hikes in the mornings?
  21. When going into the great outdoors, you need to leaf all your worries behind
  22. Wood you like to go on a camping trip this weekend?
  23. I will go hiking forest of my life
  24. “May the forest be with you.”

leaf-covered hiking trail in a forest

  1. When hiking in a group, you need to mountain a distance of at least two meters!
  2. We have to keep trekking, come hill or high water
  3. A season hike this is perfect for hitting the trails
  4. You will have to bear with me
  5. We’re all looking for the mountain of youth
  6. It’s true-actions peak louder than words
  7. The occasional deer sighting near the trail disrupted my terrain of thought
  8. Can we go for a branch and then go for a short hike in the afternoon?
  9. The mountain across the valley peaked my interest
  10. I can’t go on a hike without my sole-mates
  11. Started from the bottom now we’re here! (from Drake’s song with the same words)
  12. I’ve been hiking for 4 hours straight. I can bearly stand!
  13. I don’t want to chalk about my hiking experience last summer
  14. You look exhausted! Did you Everest on the trail?
  15. He told us he was an experienced trail runner. We didn’t know he’d trail behind everyone.
  16. Don’t peak! Just focus on the hike.
  17. How far is it? “Mile, mile and half”
  18. Why is camping so fun? Because it’s in-tents
  19. The tentsion at the campsite was evident
  20. “Let’s rock n roll.”
  21. This is the type of streaming I was talking about (near a river or stream)
  22. Dewn’t you like hiking in mountainous regions?

With the best hiking puns on your fingertips, you never have to check your phone for updates while on the trail? Do you have hilarious hiking puns and jokes that I have left put? Tell us in the comments section!

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