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169+ Interesting Hiking Captions For Instagram That Your Followers Will Love

Many users struggle with getting the perfect hiking captions for Instagram. You may take an amazing picture but combine it with a bad caption, which can ruin everything. Hiking is a great activity that allows you to get away from the daily work and home routine. It allows you to bond with nature and calms your spirits. Read this post on the full benefits of hiking. In this post, we will look at unique Instagram hiking captions that will make your post more interesting. Also, you will find memorable funny hiking captions for Instagram, tree captions for Instagram, and palm tree captions for Instagram. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Hiking captions for Instagram

  1. Perfect day for a hike!
  2. Finding peace on the trails
  3. The most scenic views are seen from the summit
  4. Living that hiking life
  5. A hiking day is a happy day
  6. “Leave the road, take the trails.” —Pythagoras
  7. Loving the great outdoors
  8. A day with nature
  9. “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order”. —John Burroughs
  10. Hiking takes away all your worries
  11. Loving the greenery and fresh air
  12. One step at a time
  13. Trek Tuesday!
  14. The hiking club just gained a new member (for beginners)
  15. Take that hike!
  16. Always do what feeds your soul

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  1. Nature is my second home
  2. Loving the sunshine
  3. Embracing the soothing sounds of nature
  4. Hiking always makes my day
  5. “I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored”. —David Attenborough
  6. Focusing on the climb
  7. Finally made the summit!
  8. Nothing beats the joy of climbing a mountain
  9. I can see the whole world ahead of me
  10. “If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” —Rainer Maria Rilke
  11. Taking it one hike at a time
  12. I can see the whole world ahead of me
  13. Too much fresh air out here!
  14. “Men argue. Nature acts”. —Voltaire

man walking ahead on a trail

  1. Finally, some clean air
  2. A hike to nourish my soul
  3. Hiking time is bonding time

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  1. Hiking is the only activity that makes me feel truly free
  2. I’ve been waiting all week for a day in the woods
  3. Do the bears enjoy this beauty every day?
  4. Whenever I hike, I feel like I’m on top of the world
  5. The mountains reveal the unseen beauty of the earth
  6. Not thinking about anything. Just savoring the marvel that’s nature.
  7. Won’t stop till I reach the peak
  8. My hiking boots always take me to the best places
  9. “Although we say mountains belong to the country, actually, they belong to those that love them.” —Dogen
  10. To see the world, you need to climb mountains
  11. The breathtaking views cancel the weight of my hiking backpack
  12. Surrounded by trees
  13. Away from the concrete jungle
  14. Wild and free!
  15. One way to make me happy is to take me on a hike!
  16. I always feel restless when I’m not hiking

Best Instagram hiking captions

  1. My weekend is never complete without a hike!
  2. Always choose the scenic trail
  3. Nothing beats a morning hike in the woods
  4. There’s a certain peace when you’re amongst trees
  5. Roam
  6. The woods love me, and I love them back
  7. The views from here are unparalleled
  8. Home away from home
  9. Free as a bird
  10. Mother nature
  11. “Here is a photo of my therapist and me.” — Unknown

trail heading to the mountains

  1. Hiking is therapeutic
  2. “Rest is not idleness, and to sometimes lie on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” —John Lubbock

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  1. You’re never too old to go into the woods
  2. In my next life, I want to be a bird
  3. Flowers reflect the beauty in all of us. See them more often.
  4. Saw. Conquered.
  5. Not lost. Exploring.
  6. “Some women want diamonds… Others just want a hammock, a campfire, and some peace & quiet.” — Unknown
  7. You don’t need to be on a plane or hot air balloon to enjoy such views
  8. A day to remember
  9. “Young and wild and free.” — a song by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars
  10. I finally understand why wild is free

Funny hiking captions for Instagram

  1. I’m feeling pine
  2. Thinking about my next step
  3. Don’t peak. Just walk
  4. I’ve learnt to hike without ‘Everesting’ for long periods
  5. “It’s not how many miles you walk. It’s how many smiles you share.” — Unknown
  6. Even though there’s no WiFi in the woods, you’ll always find a better connection!
  7. “Too much fresh air here! Isn’t that a good thing?
  8. This is the main-stream
  9. If you ask me about hiking, I’ll always say yes!
  10. Know what’s cheaper than therapy? Hiking!
  11. “If the mountains will not come to you, go to the mountains.”
  12. A good day is one with a hike, and a bad day is one without.
  13. You go further when you pack lighter
  14. “Two is a company, trees a crowd.”
  15. To hike better, you need to leaf your worries behind
  16. “Hiking peak louder than words”.
  17. Left the heels for the hills
  18. I be-leaf in you
  19. “Bear with me.”
  20. “Leaving trails behind me.”

Instagram captions for trees

The following are some interesting tree quotes for Instagram:

  1. Life would be miserable without trees
  2. Trees are life
  3. “Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.” ― Chad Sugg

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  1. Walking amongst the trees
  2. Trees will never reject you
  3. It took me years to discover the joy of spending time surrounded by trees
  4. A day amongst the trees is a happy day

forest trail and trees

  1. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ― Chinese proverb
  2. Green is my favourite color!
  3. A place where the only thing you leave is footprints
  4. Enjoying the breeze
  5. The shade provides the kind of relief you need after a long, difficult hike
  6. Look around and appreciate the beauty around you
  7. Between a rock and a tree place
  8. The sight of trees makes me feel alive
  9. In the jungle, but not lost
  10. Trees usher you to a new world, one we don’t see every day
  11. At this moment, I feel like planting a thousand trees
  12. I can feel the profound silence of nature
  13. Trees grow deeper roots because of storms

Best Instagram hiking captions about trees

  1. Leaves tell the story of life
  2. Trees never give up. They’re always going up!
  3. Majestic trees tell a story of resilience
  4. “To really feel a forest canopy, one must use different senses, and often the most useful one is the sense of imagination.” ― Joan Maloof
  5. Trees are a reminder that we only need to be persistent, and we will achieve our heart’s desires
  6. Something about these trees makes me want to stay here forever
  7. At a place where the leaves fall for you
  8. Sometimes you need to motivate yourself to grow, like the trees of the wild
  9. Trees are the most unselfish, providing shelter to numerous creatures and, most importantly, giving us the much needed fresh air

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  1. Nature’s green is always in fashion
  2. Trees stay in one place all their lives. In the same way, find a purpose and pursue it all your life.
  3. The adventure starts here
  4. The dry leaves on the ground and green ones on trees tell the story of life
  5. “Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.” ― Wangari Maathai (Tree-Nation)
  6. Trees are Mother Nature’s way of beautifying itself
  7. A shade always awaits the tired hiker!
  8. Green leaves, Fresh air
  9. The sounds of nature here is like music to my ears
  10. Away from technology, but closer than ever to nature
  11. The trees have a way of making you forget about your miseries
  12. You can never feel lonely with trees around you
  13. Colored leaves tell a story of beauty and hope

Palm tree captions for Instagram

Use the following palm tree quotes and captions for Instagram:

  1. Calm amongst the palms
  2. Palm trees and seas
  3. The palm trees always make the holidays seem more interesting
  4. The swaying palm trees give this place a magical atmosphere

Palm trees against blue sky

  1. Palm trees, beaches, and blue skies. Perfect ingredients for a vacation.
  2. “Palm down”, the palm tree said to me
  3. Night lights and palm trees
  4. Palm trees and positive vibes only
  5. “I’m like a palm tree. Through any storming knockouts I will take every punch as a conquering hero. I might bend, I might suffer, but I will not break. I will stand tall and will be victorious.”
  6. Sunsets and palm trees―the perfect combo
  7. “Advice from a palm tree: Reach High. Stand Tall and Proud. Soak up the Sun. Be Flexible. Find Your Oasis. Weather Life’s Storms.” ― Uknown
  8. Palms are my favorite trees
  9. Under the palm trees
  10. The palm trees are glad to have me

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  1. You will always find me where there are palm trees
  2. I only need two things: Palm trees and plenty of sunlight
  3. The palm trees don’t care who you are; they just want to see you have fun
  4. Savor the moment. Look at the palm trees as they gently sway and try to forget your troubles.
  5. Today, I’m the palm trees’ guest.
  6. Palms breathe life into the beaches
  7. Wherever there are palm trees, there are no worries
  8. The palm trees are beckoning
  9. Can you imagine a world without palm trees?
  10. Palm trees are divine
  11. The flexibility and strength of pam trees, even during strong winds, is a testament that you can go through hell and remain standing
  12. In love with the palms
  13. Carefree like the palm trees
  14. The palm trees always make our stay worth it
  15. A day without the presence of palm trees is a day wasted
  16. Palm trees and coconuts
  17. Palm trees always give me inexplicable joy and calm. Staying under a palm tree washes away my troubles whenever I’m stressed.
  18. And the palm trees have it
  19. Wild seas and palm trees
  20. Beyond the rough seas and beautiful palm trees
  21. I’m not gonna lie; it’s a palm day
  22. Keep palm and enjoy life
  23. All good here under the palm trees

There you have it! You can use the above hiking captions for Instagram to enhance your posts and hopefully gain hundreds or even thousands of new followers!

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